School Values




    Yeo Park Infants School is committed to the explicit teaching of social skills and values education. The school staff in conjunction with the community identified five core values which are integrated through various activities in the classrooms and the playground. 

 Our school values are listed below.                        


      Show a friendly smile                                                               

      Be kind                                                                                    

      Help other people                                                                     

      Ask others to join your game


      Play by the rules                                                                                     

      Take turns                                                                                                        

      Make a sharing plan                                                                  

      Think of others when you win                                                                      



       Use manners

       Listen to others

       Take care of school equipment

       Treat everyone nicely



       Own your own behaviour

       Look after your belongings

       Care for the environment



       Tell the truth

       Do the right thing